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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Off to the states

Well, I'm off to the states for a couple of weeks. I haven't been home in 4 months and am curious as to what my response will be when I set foot on USA soil. Obviously, I'm excited to see family and friends. However, since our son and a roommate now live in our house, we will be staying in our guest room. Essentially, we'll be visitors in our own home. So even though we are "returning home", it feels more like we're going on a visit away from our home. Very confusing. I'm definitely not used to "global" living.
On a side note: I'm still not very blog savvy. My friends say that I need to update the blog more often. Not necessarily long pieces, just updates. So with that in mind, I'll keep this short but try to communicate more often. Next blog will be from the USA.
Ja mata,

One last thing....
This is something you certainly don't see in East Aurora.

I tried to get Marcia to put her hand near this spider
to show how big it was. That's as close as she
would get and only for a microsecond. (That's why her hand is blurry.
She jerked it away pretty fast.) Pretty big huh?

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