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Friday, May 11, 2007

The last train

This may be a very strange blog. It's 1:00 Am in the morning and I'm just getting home. I was visiting with a friend in Tokyo and caught the last train home to Yokohama. The last train home is a very strange phenomenon here. Nobody, at least very few, people drink and drive. Therefore, the last train home means many people on the train are drunk. It's a congenial atmosphere, although some people are way over the top, stagger pass out drunk. Let me explain the good part about this ride. Most train rides during the day are "everybody keep to yourself and leave me alone". On the last train, those people who are relatively sober, connect and are quite friendly. It's a pleasant situation and makes an outsider like me feel more connected. I always end up interacting with people and have a very nice time. Subway train rides here sometimes get very crowded so anything that makes the time go by more pleasantly is certainly a bonus in my book.
Oyasuminasai (goodnight).

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