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I'm an American living in Japan for three years while my wife is on assignment here. (Three years has come and gone so I should probably say three years and counting.)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Clothing Statements

I've been enjoying the sayings I've been reading on people's clothing. T-shirts, jackets, etc. The sayings are printed in English but, sometimes the translations are a little hazy. The meaning is sort of there but not quite right. I think this phenomenon is very similar to the American guy who gets a tattoo using Japanese characters because they look cool and has no idea what the characters mean. It's not easy to take a photo of a person's clothing so I've had to enjoy these sayings by myself. However, today I was able to get a shot of a fairly good example of what I'm talking about.



mizuho said...

はろー げりーさん




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