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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Spring is here and so are sakura (cherry blossoms). The blossoming of the cherry trees is another of the many celebrations in Japan. At the height of the season people find cherry trees to sit under and celebrate. These picnic/party/celebrations occur everywhere. Last night in the path leading to the park that I live next to, there was a celebration of about thirty people. This path has a beautiful canopy of cherry trees. The people laughed, sang, ate and drank sake until at least midnight when I fell asleep. This celebration is called ohanami. What a wonderful thing to celebrate. I love this place! Cherry blossoms are very fragile so they only last a few days. But what a great few days. These pictures were taken from the small balcony off my living room and the stairyway leading to my apartment.

The pathway where the party took place.

Sakura in their glory:

Ja mata


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting, Gary, and for sharing a special piece of Japan. Joy

Anonymous said...

love the photos - they look just like my train card from when I visited. Thanks for sending these and have a little sake for me (& the peanut). Cec