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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dog Festa

With Ohanami 2 weeks behind us it's time for another event. It has been a year since we made our exploratory visit to Japan to decide whether or not to live here. On that exploratory visit last April, we witnessed some kind of celebration of dogs which I briefly described in my first blog. Well, I now know what that celebration is and it's happening this weekend. It is called..........

I definitely plan to go with my camera and hope to add to my photo collection of well-dressed dogs.

The local dog store had quite a display out in preparation for this Saturday. This is a two floor store dedicated to animal fashion and seems to be doing a booming business.

Outfits range in the 30 to 60 dollar range and up. Strollers can go as much as 300 to 400 hundred dollars.

And my favorite........

A ventilated sling to keep your dog comfortable while being carried around. Anyhow, I'll be there Saturday and will have more to share next week.
Ja Mata,


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