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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ohanami II

Just a final followup on a wonderful holiday celebration. The cherry blossoms are starting to fall and the celebration from last weekend is winding down, but I have a few pictures that I wanted to share. When I first talked about Ohanami, the celebration of sakura (cherry blossoms), I described people picnicking under cherry trees. So, let me show you.

This was taken Sunday (4/01) afternoon from our balcony.

Quite the busy day for our quiet park.

Obviously people were taking lots of pictures......

And even artists were enjoying and trying to capture the beautiful views.

A final parting shot of a beautiful scene made even more so by its fleeting nature.

The cherry blossoms come and go so quickly and are so beautiful. It is easy to understand why people take time to appreciate that beauty. I remember autumn and the turning of the leaves in East Aurora (New York) and how transitory and beautiful the fall colors were. The important thing is to try to take a little time from our lives to appreciate the beautiful things that nature has to offer.
Ja mata

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